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'The Secret Language of Dogs' With Jocelyn Kessler

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'The Secret Language of Dogs' With Jocelyn Kessler

Ever wonder what your dog is thinking?  Wish they could talk?  Dog trainer and Intuitive Jocelyn Kessler says they are communicating with us all the time.  We just need to pay attention.  Find out how your emotions and hang ups effect Fido and how to read his/her behavioral and energetic traits.  Learn to deal with Alpha dogs and the special needs of rescue animals.  Dogs rule!  Now give me a treat.

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Jocelyn Kessler

Born an only child into a household of dogs and horses in Port Washington, New York, Jocelyn recognized very early that she had the ability to energetically communicate with animals. She could somehow “hear and understand” what the dogs were saying back to her when she spoke to them.  It was crystal clear.  Of course, at that time, she had no idea about energy interpretation  or communication with forces outside the physical realm.

Later in life as a pre-teen, Jocelyn had a “near death” experience that prompted an opening to certain special gifts that had previously been in the developmental stage and were now in the conscious mind. Her ability to interpret energy in animals increased due to her altered consciousness, and many of her spirit guides – both animal and human – began making themselves known to her.  With her heightened energetic awareness, Jocelyn found herself able to feel and see more than ever in humans as well.  That is when she began to use her newly found abilities to energetically connect humans and animals.  Jocelyn soon discovered that an additional source of the energetic connection emanated from her physically.

Now living in Los Angeles, Jocelyn works in California and New York. Her practice is divided between connecting dogs to their human companion and the hands-on healing of individuals. In her new book, The Secret Language of Dogs, Jocelyn tells the story of her professional journey while providing readers with insights they can apply to their own human/animal relationships. To learn more, please click here.

“I will always be grateful for the insights Jocelyn offered me, in how to help my sweet abused Dainty girl to live her happiest life!” —Carol Kane, actress

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About Lisa Jesswein:

Lisa Jesswein is a long-time Detroit radio personality waking up listeners for over 17 years with her positive personality and infectious laugh. Now as a member of the Empower Radio family, she works to  bring hope, inspiration and information through the conversations on her show "Real Life". She believes that it's possible to live your life with intention, peace, abundance and joy when we choose to meet challenges head on.  Staying positive in a negative world is a challenge but one that Lisa has faced countless times as a two-time kidney transplant recipient, cancer survivor, divorcee and intuitive reader. Lisa has been an inspirational speaker since the age of 14 when she was asked by medical staff to speak on organ donation at the state capitol. She has been motivating people ever since and now brings her mission of helping others to Empower Radio.