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Paula Perelman: Waking up to your Inner Truth

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Paula Perelman: Waking up to your Inner Truth

How do you connect with that voice or space inside you that holds your true calling? Where are the answers as to why things happen the way they do? What methods will help unblock that which is stuck and heal what is hurting? Educator, Intuitive Guide, Consultant and Meditation Coach Paula Perelman could very well be the connection that will guide and inspire you to move forward and live a life filled with purpose.

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"I was born and raised in Michigan, surrounded by the creative and nurturing waters of The Great Lakes. Since childhood, I knew the TRUTH that ‘life is an amazing gift.' I also knew that there was more to life than what we could just see with our eyes alone. This created many questions for me about the way people lived their lives and the limitations that we all put upon ourselves. Some imposed by our own thoughts and fears, but mostly what was imposed by the thoughts and fears of others. Through life's experiences, those infamous ups and downs, I feel I have been divinely led to the awakening of what I knew as my Truth all along. There is always a "bigger picture" being created and a higher and deeper truth to everything we experience.

My ‘jump-start came in the early 1990s when numerous life experiences compelled me to move out of my regular comfort zones and led me to reading books about others whose experiences were similar to mine, such as Marianne Williamson and Neale Donald Walsch. Their words set me free to be ME and catapulted me to unite with individuals who were growing and expanding in my same direction: my late-husband, Shelly Perelman, a channel, author and teacher and my stepdaughter, Rebecca Rosen, an extraordinary medium, channel, author and teacher. This union opened a whole new world and path for me and supported me in moving forward fearlessly, awakening my gifts of communication with Spirit and trusting my intuitive higher knowings.

There is a Higher Consciousness that comes to life as we move forward fearlessly, allowing each and every divine life experience to bring us exactly what we need to live our lives to their fullest. As we uncover new ways of bringing Divine changes into our lives, we begin to have a deeper appreciation for all we are experiencing, understanding that we can always live life whole-heartedly, in joy and love, without fear or negative energies interfering. Today, my passion and commitment to channeling, which is simply tuning into Spirit energy, and sharing the amazing messages of Light and Love that I receive, keep me moving forward in service to helping others find their own channel of Higher Truth and Knowing.... allowing them to live their BEST LIFE EVER!"


About Lisa Jesswein:

Lisa Jesswein is a long-time Detroit radio personality waking up listeners for over 17 years with her positive personality and infectious laugh. Now as a member of the Empower Radio family, she works to  bring hope, inspiration and information through the conversations on her show "Real Life". She believes that it's possible to live your life with intention, peace, abundance and joy when we choose to meet challenges head on.  Staying positive in a negative world is a challenge but one that Lisa has faced countless times as a two-time kidney transplant recipient, cancer survivor, divorcee and intuitive reader. Lisa has been an inspirational speaker since the age of 14 when she was asked by medical staff to speak on organ donation at the state capitol. She has been motivating people ever since and now brings her mission of helping others to Empower Radio.