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Neutralizing Your Inner Critic with Janet D. Thomas

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Neutralizing Your Inner Critic with Janet D. Thomas

Have you lived a lifetime with an inner voice that doesn’t speak kindly to you?  Are you filled with self-doubt and even self-loathing.  Is there a sound track playing in your head that sounds like a Greek tragedy?

If you are like so many of us and you’re tired of the negativity but fall back into that place on a regular basis tune in as Cheryl welcomes Janet D. Thomasback to the show.  A regular contributor to Simple Steps Real Change Janet has been to those depths and will help you to make peace with your inner critic.  If the messages keep being harsh then it’s time to shed some light on the criticism and bring it out to where is can no longer haunt you.

If you’re ready to let go of what is undermining your own success then tune in as Janet shares the Simple Steps to neutralizing your inner critic.

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JanetD.Thomas_641804208.jpgJanet D. Thomas is an award-winning self-help author, captivating speaker, and emotional healing expert whose books, blogs and presentations have been described as “brilliant,” “insightful,” and “transformational.” Because she practices what she preaches, this imparts to her written and spoken words the power to both inspire and motivate, even heal. And because her message is based upon her personal experience, describing her own transformation literally energizes transformation in those who experience her. 

A lifelong metaphysician and with over 25 years as a trained channel and medium, Janet is a highly effective spiritual coach. Through practical tools, intuitive and spiritual guidance, Janet’s passion is helping her clients identify and transform limiting beliefs, restore emotional wellness and discover their unique gifts and talents.

Janet is the founder of the Heal For Real!™ movement. Janet is also the founder of Operation Enliven 2040, whose vision is to end obesity on the planet by 2040. Janet is a columnist for Simple Steps Real Change Magazine and guest blogger for numerous sites including Women for One and The Good Men Project. Janet has appeared on Huffington Post Live and is hailed by Maria Shriver as an “Architect of Change”. A native of Southern California, Janet lives, writes and maintains her coaching practice in Los Angeles, California. She is the mother of an adult son, of whom she is very proud.


About Cheryl Maloney:

Cheryl first started writing a blog in 2009 when she was an out-of-work, out-of-shape, over-fifty corporate executive, collecting unemployment, questioning her own worth, dealing with her husband Jack’s scary health diagnoses and beating herself up for the stupid financial mistakes she had made.

After months of writing daily, she started posting her thoughts on Facebook in March 2009. Believing she was not alone in her challenges … she came to realize was that there are more people dealing with some major issue in their lives than expected. Simple Steps Real Change posts have been viewed over fifty million times.  Now they know that they are not alone either!

Her book, “Simple Steps for Real Life” was released in 2012 along with “Simple Inspirations, a collection of original quotes and images by her late husband, photographer, Jack Maloney.  She is also the author of “Simple Steps… Real Change, the Book” which is available on her website.