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Soul Care and Soulcial Media Care with Lori Weiss

From Soul Care to Raw Vegan, Fruitarian Coach Lori Weiss has you covered. Lori is a rising social media star who focuses on taking care of your body, mind and soul through a 100% Plant Based Lifestyle - mainly that of a fruitatarian. With a degree that focused on marketing, she loves to help others succeed personally and professionally. Tune in as she shares her story, her passion and her best tips for living healthy and free.

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Lori_Weiss_481877670.jpgLori Weiss is a social media coach and influencer who specializes in helping vegan and spiritual entrepreneurs. Lori is also a dual American-Canadian citizen, raw vegan fruitarian and LGBTQ. She completed her academics at McGill University, where she studied Linguistics and English (Cultural Studies) and HEC Montreal, where she received her MBA in Marketing and Management. She shares her life and her story in the hopes of inspiring others to become their best selves, personally and professionally.

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About Teri Williams:

Teri Williams is a gifted shamanic energy practitioner, shamanic mentor, meditation teacher and business coach who acts as a bridge between mysticism and multimedia. After having had her own "spiritual awakening" in 1991 she immersed herself in mystical teachings.

"I USE MEDITATION!" Meditation has been the single most significant practice of my life for over 25 years, beginning with a guided meditation. Both Meditation and Shamanic (mystical) teachings are the foundation for everything I do in this life! I meditate or practice a shamanic journey every day, even if only for a few minutes at a time. Most days, when the temperature is above 30 degrees, I practice in the sunshine, somewhere in nature. Having been clean and sober for more than 25 years, it's good for my mental stability, my skin, my energy, and my soul."

With her experience in mysticism, meditation, and the healing arts she assists others in unleashing their potential within for overall good health and well-being, through The Art of Impeccable Soul Care! Her specialties include: Shamanic Journey Sessions, Shamanic journey circles and workshops, Soul Retrieval, Shamanic Rebirthing, Shamanic Energy sessions, Meditation, Drum Circles, and one on one mentoring. Her clients say, "she is an extremely talented shamanic practitioner: professional, caring and gifted, who's vibrant energy is contagious!"

Teri Williams has also spent years in PR, Marketing, Social Media and Web Design consulting with small businesses who want to expand and grow. She currently works with a handful of entrepreneurs on clarifying their vision and creating easy to follow marketing strategies, for growth both online and offline. Some clients describe her as a "Shaman for business".