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Good Energy with Sheryl Netzky

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Good Energy with Sheryl Netzky

Chris Forte and Sheryl Netzky discuss her work with meditation and talk about how adopting a daily meditation practice can change your life for the better on this edition of Spiritually Fit on Empower Radio.

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Sheryl_Netzky_555701278.jpgSheryl Netzky is the Founder of Good Energy LLC. She's an energy alchemy teacher with more than 30 years of experience.

Sheryl practices shamanic energy work and customizes her Golden Mind Meditations and philosophies to support her clients' wellness. Sheryl offers easy to apply spiritual life tools and tracks the energetics underneath her clients' stories, supporting their most optimized intentions in becoming realities.

She helps business leaders align with purpose and reshape their lives to increase clarity and deepen relationships with themselves, others and their organizations.

She's presented on Sir Richard Branson's Necker Island for thought leaders and for the Gates Foundation's teacher-leaders. Sheryl has supported family wellness programs on Grand Cayman Island, and has facilitated American and European business teams in collaborative visioning, spiritual negotiations, creating a purpose-driven team, and supporting team members in personal development.

She's an award-winning literacy consultant who's supported best-selling authors in writing their next books, and a former senior faculty member for The Four Winds Society's Healing the Light Body School, wherein she trained and mentored hundreds of global shamanic energy medicine practitioners. In the past few years, she's been honored to support CEO's, their families and teams all over the world.


About Chris Forte:

Chris Forte is a spiritual entrepreneur, Dad, author, yogi, meditator and host of the radio show Spiritually Fit. Chris's passions are creating, praying, health, fitness, spirituality, yoga, reading, writing, meditating and living a purposeful life.

Through these passions Chris wrote the book The Humble Warrior and created a new age approach to spirituality called Spiritual Fitness. Spiritual Fitness is an enlightened daily practice which is intended to enable you to slow down, look within, handle the obstacles in your life with grace, and ultimately, live a more purposeful life. These easy to apply seven daily practices can help anyone who is looking transform their life.