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The Adventures of Ally's Kitchen with Alice Phillips

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The Adventures of Ally's Kitchen with Alice Phillips

Because we can't get enough Ally! Part 2 with fellow food blogger Dr. Alice D'Antoni Phillips, aka Ally Phillips, founder of Ally's Kitchen. Ally is a bundle of energy whose enthusiasm is contagious. This week, Nancy and Ally dish about adventures in the food blogger world, including Ally'd meeting with Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman, her recent trip to the Gulf Coast, and so much more. Another kitchen table chat you won't want to miss!

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AllyPhillips_988265051.jpgAlice Philips is the creative brains behind the bohemian bold trademark thinking, fooding and living®. She dreams in food technicolor and when her feet hit the ground, she’s in the kitchen! Ally’s penchant for life in the 1960s reflects her hippie roots, albeit sprinkled with chicness now, and it comes complete with a magic carpet.AllyPhilipscookbook_281650862.jpg


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