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Fun With Dick and Jane!

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Fun With Dick and Jane!

Dick Kernen is Jane's mentor and friend. One of her favorite things about Dick is his obvious passion for connecting. He is fond of saying, "If you love what you do, you'll never have to work a day in your life". He is right.DickKernen_JaneAsher_279536423.jpg

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Dick Kernen is, without a doubt, the most high profile member of the staff and faculty at Specs Howard School of Media Arts in Detroit, Michigan.

As an instructor, career services advisor and Vice President of Industry Relations he has placed thousands of Specs Howard grads in radio and television jobs since he joined the staff in 1972. Dick is celebrating his 60th year in the broadcast business.


About Jane Asher:

Jane Asher is a natural connector, who got her start in the media world through radio in Michigan in 1980. She soon migrated west and has worked at legendary radio stations such as KTYD Santa Barbara, KGB, KSON and KIFM in San Diego. She was awarded the prestigious Marconi Award for her work at the Smooth Jazz station KIFM in 2005.

She researched, wrote, edited and produced the highly regarded and award-winning public affairs program San Diego Update. The Advertising Council recognized Jane for her continued commitment to effecting positive social change. While Jane's network continued to expand, so did her desire to grow her own business. She branched out into the world of voice over with a home studio in the 1990s. She is currently the voice of Cartier, Ferragamo and Michigan State University's program RELAX-Alternatives to Anger.

In 2010 her natural curiosity led her to expand her knowledge and business again, by including marketing and social media for businesses and non-profits. When anyone asks her what she does for a living she responds; "I connect inspired people with one another, especially those with a desire to help others." Helping to elevate other people is one of her personal passions.

Jane has been involved in many international missions. She is part of a team that has been building homes for the impoverished over the past five years in Tijuana. She has traveled to El Salvador to feed the homeless on a humanitarian mission in 2011. Recently, she traveled to Malaysia to help build a school on Borneo. She was so moved by her visit; upon her return, she raised money to pay for the education of thirteen children in a school in Keningau.

Her vast connections across all media platforms bring a wealth of passionate and empowered individuals to her show. If you are doing something to make this life experience more rewarding for others...she wants to talk to you.